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I am Gary Wood, founder, and Principal at Supply Chain Analytics. After a stint in the military and college afterward, I landed a job as an inventory clerk in a small railroad equipment manufacturer. We kept track of the inventory on paper. When the company wanted to put the inventory on our computer, I volunteered. When it was done, I became Inventory Manager.
I have implemented shop floor data collection systems, process controls, and automation. I have been a Senior Instructor providing certification training for APICS, now ASCM. Eventually, I went back to manufacturing systems implementing and training users of ERP systems.
I have six successful multi-year, multi-million-dollar ERP implementations as Supply Chain Lead to my credit. I was planning to retire when a good friend suggested I start a consulting practice. After some entrepreneurial training, I started Supply Chain Analytics in 2017.

How can we help you?

We work with manufacturing executives to develop and implement strategies that improve the flow of material, data, and cash between your suppliers and your customers.
Supply Chain Analytics LLC specializes in Supply Chain modeling (using Visual RoadMaps).

Our Focus

Our focus is on your Supply Chain – Sourcing, Making, and Delivery. Additionally, our team can help you capture data from the process on the factory floor and convert it as input for higher-level systems like ERP or as actionable data for AI applications. We also provide strategic consulting and tactical implementation services for manufacturing companies embarking on Digital Transformation journeys and implementing or upgrading (Cloud-based) ERP systems.


Our mission is to help you and your team develop and implement strategies that improve the flow of materials, data, and cash between your suppliers and customers. We help you identify opportunities for improvement and build solutions that implement them in a practical, building-block approach, minimizing the impact on your current workforce.
Our vision is to help you build profitable, sustainable, growing, employee and community-oriented businesses.



We get to know you. We discuss and understand your business goals and challenges. We do a SWOT analysis. Using our templates we do an analysis of your supply chain. Based on our experience we find opportunities for improvement. This may involve reducing lead times or eliminating redundant steps, or automating routine tasks – combined these improvements add up to significant gains in productivity and throughput. Our Smart Fit Assessment is a method of determining your capability of implementing the improvements we identify. Where gaps occur Supply Chain Analytics can fill them. After each project, we review in detail – how well we and you performed against our goals, what was the ROI, what we learned, what can be done better.

What this means to you.

Collaborating with committed, hands-on supply chain professionals who provide mentoring and expertise to help you improve the flow of material, data, and cash between you, your suppliers, and customers. If you are interested in finding out more regarding how Supply Chain Analytics, LLC can help you grow your business drop me a note -[email protected]