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We work with manufacturing executives to develop and implement strategies that improve the flow of material, data, and cash between your suppliers and your customers and BUILD SMARTER SUPPLY CHAINS.



Gary Wood, Founder

Collaborating with committed, hands-on supply chain professionals who provide mentoring and expertise to help you improve the flow of material, data, and cash between you, your suppliers, and customers. If you are interested in finding out more regarding how Supply Chain Analytics, LLC can help you grow your business. 




Are you struggling
returning from COVID19?

Our Smarter Supply Chain Analytics helps you identify. Where to reduce paperwork and administrative overloads. We help identify repetitive tasks and routine processes and so you can automate them. This is especially important in your operations where operators may spend as much as 20% of their time performing administrative and other non-productive duties.


Companies can do more with existing staffing levels and still grow the business.

Are you aligned with your customers' strategic values?

Our Smarter Supply Chain Analytics helps you move from internally oriented strategies focused on cost and asset management to customer priorities and identifies what capability gaps exist in your company. We help you develop and implement strategies to reduce the gaps.

This helps in aligning your business to your customers and focusing limited resources in the right areas throughout the entire supply chain.

Are you facing a
digital transformation?

Our Smarter Supply Chain Analytics helps you identify all the nodes of your SC Network, see the impact of our options, develop a data-based response, and communicate the response to all notes of your SC Network in a timely manner. 

Having a single plan and a single source of truth helps with your response. 



Garlock ERP Project Manager

"Gary and his team were able to provide this training under extreme constraints - time and space. They delivered completely and on-time."

Rick Cirincione, President,

Electronics Component Manufacturer

Gary reviewed our stalled Oracle ERP project. He made several suggestions to get us back on track including using a building block approach. After approving his project plan Gary and his team implemented the system in 90 days.

Purchasing Manager, Golden Valley Electric – Fairbanks, Alaska

"Gary was able to set up, implement, and train our Purchasing Department on the Purchase Contracts system in just 6 weeks."



Safe Working Environment


Our focus is on your Supply Chain – Sourcing, Making, and Delivery. Additionally, our team can help you capture data from the process on the factory floor and convert it as input for higher-level systems like ERP or as actionable data for AI applications. We also provide strategic consulting and tactical implementation services for manufacturing companies embarking on Digital Transformation journeys and implementing or upgrading (Cloud-based) ERP systems.

Screen Shot 2021-11-12 at 11.12.14 AM.png


Our mission is to help you and your team develop and implement strategies that improve the flow of materials, data, and cash between your suppliers and customers. We help you identify opportunities for improvement and build solutions that implement them in a practical, building-block approach, minimizing the impact on your current workforce.

Our vision is to help you build profitable, sustainable, growing, employee and community-oriented businesses.

Business Plan


We get to know you. We discuss and understand your business goals and challenges. We do a SWOT analysis. Using our templates we do an analysis of your supply chain. Based on our experience we find opportunities for improvement. This may involve reducing lead times or eliminating redundant steps, or automating routine tasks – combined these improvements add up to significant gains in productivity and throughput. Our Smart Fit Assessment is a method of determining your capability of implementing the improvements we identify. Where gaps occur Supply Chain Analytics can fill them. After each project, we review in detail – how well we and you performed against our goals, what was the ROI, what we learned, what can be done better.

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