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Get to Know Me
and My Philosophy



Gary Wood,


I am Gary Wood, founder, and Principal at Supply Chain Analytics. After a stint in the military and college afterward, I landed a job as an inventory clerk in a small railroad equipment manufacturer. We kept track of the inventory on paper. When the company wanted to put the inventory on our computer, I volunteered. When it was done, I became Inventory Manager.

I have implemented shop floor data collection systems, process controls, and automation. I have been a Senior Instructor providing certification training for APICS, now ASCM. Eventually, I went back to manufacturing systems implementing and training users of ERP systems.

I have six successful multi-year, multi-million-dollar ERP implementations as Supply Chain Lead to my credit. I was planning to retire when a good friend suggested I start a consulting practice. After some entrepreneurial training, I started Supply Chain Analytics in 2017.



We go above and beyond to provide what is needed whether it’s for God, family, country, or clients.


We won’t cheat, lie, or cut corners to benefit myself in any way. I am truthful and upfront even when the truth may be unpleasant.


It’s important to work through obstacles by adapting and changing so that progress can continue to move forward. 


We believe there are other ways to come to a solution than what’s been done before. Understanding current processes and their weakness can lead to new ideas and solutions.


We believe there are other ways to come to a solution than what’s been done before. Understanding current processes and their weakness can lead to new ideas and solutions.


· Implemented Bar Codes and reduced on-hand inventory by $2.2 for a railroad equipment manufacturer

· Reduced Receiving cycle time from 5 days to 2 days without adding headcount

· Cleaned up $1 million of unmatched PO’s and Supplier Invoices so suppliers could be paid

· Designed and implemented real-time data collection to improve food manufacturer’s inventory 17%

· Implemented ERP Financials and Manufacturing system in 90 days

· Taught over 70 APICS Certification Review and Train the Trainer classes

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Susan Perry

I am known as an exceptional and sophisticated strategic planner and relationship builder noted for identifying opportunities and nurturing alliances to drive policy and achieve business goals. My focus is on collaboration, team motivation, and the creative use of resources to ensure project success to enhance bottom-line revenue.

Career highlights include planning, launching, and implementing programs to establish critical partnerships and credibility to advance a $485M regional manufacturing project. I earned a Certificate of Exceptional Service from the U.S. Department of Commerce for relationship development and a high number of effective government, community, and business partnerships. Additionally, I was recognized as a top U.S. Census Bureau team leader within 10 Northeastern states, for creating coalitions, effective educational programs, and managing activities to influence, promote participation, and support the 2020 Census, our nation’s first digital Census. We transformed national messaging to meet local client needs.

The passion for client success and stakeholder engagement began with my first job after graduating college in Business Administration. I was a community relations utility consultant for a $1B power plant being constructed near my hometown in Western New York’s Niagara County. I was then recruited by a utility in the Hudson Valley to manage their community relations, which we now call Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). I am an avid follower of best practices in the expanding world of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) programs. Relevant leadership experiences in manufacturing, financial services, and real estate, has built a strong foundation for client relationship management.

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John P. Nufryk C.P.M.

Global Operations executive with a successful track record in the functional areas of global procurement, logistics, and warehousing / transportation.  Industry experience with multi-national companies includes the various fields of medical devices, semi-conductors, print and process equipment manufacturers.

  • Global Procurement strategic planning

  • Multi-Distribution site responsibility

  • Supply Chain Optimization

  • Inventory Control and process improvement

  • Major transportation contracts

  • New product & process development 

  • Organizational development & team building

  • Quality systems implementation


· Negotiated logistics contracts with Ocean, Air, and Parcel Carriers that led to 3 million dollars of cost savings

· Negotiated a North American multi-year agreement with a major small package forwarder that led to a 5% reduction on transportation costs for $20M of annual spend.

· Established a 3PL warehouse provider and negotiated a four-year contract with them to provide the resources for the North American Distribution Center that saved $250K annually in warehousing expense

· Established Key Performance Metrics (KPI’s) that measured the fill rates on customer orders, inbound and outbound quality performance, and inventory loss for a volume of over 11,000 monthly warehouse transactions.

· Established a process improvement culture with a quality management system (QMS) that met all FDA regulatory requirements for a medical device business.

· Implemented an Import Manual to maintain an informed compliance policy in fulfilling all applicable laws, rules, and regulations for Customs and Border Protection (CBP) requirements.

· Negotiated a supplier contract for vendor managed inventory that reduced working capital by $1M and lowered transportation costs by 10%

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