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My Journey

I started as an Inventory Clerk, then moved to Inventory Manager to Materials Manager to MRP, MRPII Systems to Process Control, Automation, and Quality Systems to ERP and Supply Chain Systems implementation and consulting projects. 
A Supply Chain and ERP Systems expert with "hands-on" experience in Food and Beverage, Electronics, Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, and Automotive, and Aerospace/Defense industries.
APICS CPIM and LSS Green Belt Certifications. 

My Core Values are...

SERVICE  - I go above and beyond to provide what is needed whether it’s for God, family, country, or clients.
INTEGRITY - I won’t cheat, lie, or cut corners to benefit myself in any way. I am truthful and upfront even when the truth may be unpleasant.
INNOVATIVE - I believe there are other ways to come to a solution than what’s been done before. Understanding current processes and their weakness can lead to new ideas and solutions.
RESILIENCE - It’s important to work through obstacles by adapting and changing so that progress can continue to move forward. 
STRAIGHTFORWARDNESS -  Many things in life have become overcomplicated. Life should be simple and straightforward, from process and contracts to relationships with clients


· Implemented Bar Codes and reduced on-hand inventory $2.2 for a railroad equipment manufacturer
· Reduced Receiving cycle time from 5 days to 2 days without adding head count
· Cleaned up $1 million of unmatched PO’s and Supplier Invoices so suppliers could be paid
· Designed and implemented real time data collection to improve food manufacturer’s inventory 17%
· Implemented ERP Financials and Manufacturing system in 90 days
· Taught over 70 APICS Certification Review and Train the Trainer classes

Supply Chain Analytics LLC

Digital Models of your Supply Chain

We begin by defining your Supply Chain(s) using the Supply Chain Operations Research (SCOR) Model, an Industry Standard as the basis. We follow with Value Stream Mapping, we then analyze your Sourcing partners, your Operations, your Logistics, and your Customers.  Using our RoadMap Templates we work with you to build a "Digital" model of your Supply Chain(s).  

Data Analytics

It's all about the data.  However, sometimes it's just overwhelming noise.  Based on your RoadMaps and your Strategic Goals we help you identify the critical data that has an impact on your Supply Chain(s). Whether a "Signal" or "Actionable" data, we work with you to develop the means to collect and analyze or act upon that critical data.  Using standard Application Program Interfaces (API)s we help you pull the data out of the processes, ERP, MES, and other High-Level systems.  
Additionally, we work with you to develop Metrics so you can effectively monitor your Supply Chain activities.

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