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The Manufacturing Services Marketplace (MSM) aims to address the challenges faced by small and medium-sized manufacturing companies, DOD contractors, service providers, and collaborators by providing a virtual platform for "Matchmaking" and collaboration. Organizing and promoting a Matchmaking event is a complicated chore. Recruiting manufacturers, service providers, and collaborators is a task. Finding a facility to handle 40 manufacturers, collaborators, and 100s of participants is difficult. In most locations, it happens once a year. What is needed is a “Matchmaker” 24/7 where manufacturers can find service providers when required, especially Service Disabled Veteran Owned, Minority, or Women Owned businesses who provide needed services. On the other hand, It is a place where service providers can locate opportunities and develop relationships with potential clients, other solopreneurs, collaborators, etc.


Many small and medium-sized manufacturers

Lack of in-house Technical Capability

Suffer from Role Overload – executives, managers, and frontline staff wear more than one hat

Lake of data upon which to make decisions to avoid disruptions, improve quality,  or shorten lead times

The MSM is one spot to find "Qualified" and "Trusted", CFOs, COOs, CMOs, and CHRs, on an as-needed, fractional basis.  Additionally, they can find IT, Accounting, Engineering, Supply Chain, HR, and Insurance professionals.

Helping Service Providers identify and pursue business opportunities with

  Prime and Sub-Prime DOD suppliers

  Small and Medium-Sized manufacturers who are "outsourcing" non-core activities

  Collaborate with other Service Providers and with Collaborating Agencies, Organizations 


Helping Prime and Sub-Prime DOD Suppliers

​Find service providers that fit “set aside” categories.

Supporting their suppliers who may have sustainability or compliance challenges


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