Stock Outs and Bottleneck

Situation -- Aerospace components firm was having “stock-outs” of critical items at bottleneck operations.
Task -- Develop a means of ensuring component availability
Action -- Worked with the VP of Operations to create a “Supermarket” of critical items at key operations. Developed and implemented the "Tandem" MRP/Min-Max approach. MRP planned components into central stores and used “Kanbans” to pull items in to the work center supermarket when on-hand levels dropped below a pre-set minimum quantity.
Result -- fewer stock-outs with minimum increase in inventory.

-- Bottleneck at receiving inspection.   
Task -- Develop a process to reduce inspection time without increasing headcount. 
Action – Established a Supplier Certification Program. Required suppliers to document inspection results for supplied components. Set up ASQ Skip Processes to reduce the frequency of inspection for dependable suppliers/items.
Result -- Reduced average inspection time from 1 week to 2 days.
Aerospace Components Manufacturer

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Contractor Management

Situation – Rural Electric Coop needed a better means of tracking subcontractors at multiple sites in Rural Alaska.
Task- Implement the Purchasing Contracts module to build contracts, produce electronic/paper documents, and track submission of project documentation and milestone reports.
Action - Configured Purchasing module and loaded Client Contract Documents, developed training module
Result – Purchasing was able to manage sub-contractors and ensure projects were completed according to contract awards/documentation

Gary was able to set up, implement, and train our Purchasing Department on the Purchase Contracts module in just 6 weeks. Purchasing Manager, Golden Valley Rural Electric – Fairbanks, Alaska

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User Training

Situation – Managed a Project to provide training to 250 client users. The project included 38 different classes over a 3-week period. Workers go on strike the day classes are to start.
Task -- Reschedule 38 classes with limited space available.
Action -- Delivered some training on the shop floor due to lack of classroom space. 
Result -- Completed training on time, got great user buy-in from shop floor students.
Seals Manufacturing, Upstate NY

Situation -- Clients, team members at remote locations. Not able to bring participants to a single location.
Task -- Conduct training or conduct meetings without travel, time away from plant/office.
Action -- Used Webex, Go To Meeting, SKYPE (now Zoom and MS Teams) to collaborate via the internet. Result -- Saved clients days of un-productive time traveling and expenses attending meetings.    Wyman/Gordan,  Camping World 

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Stalled ERP Project

Situation – Electronics manufacturing client lost focus on the implementation of an ERP system and the project stalled. The informal project plan included the implementation of advanced modules. The implementation team needed revamping.
Task -- Reviewed project assumptions and plans and made recommendations to restart the project.
Action --Interviewed stakeholders, reviewed software modules, redesigned project plans, and made recommendations to management. I was selected to lead the new project implementation.
Result -- Successfully implemented the ERP system in 90 days. 
Gary reviewed our stalled Oracle ERP project. He made several suggestions to get us back on track including using a building block approach. After approving his project plan Gary and his team implemented the system in 90 days.
President, Electronics Component Manufacturer.

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