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We use the ASCM (Association of Supply Chain Management) SCOR(Supply Chain Operations Research) Model as the basis for all of our Supply Chain Analyses, Templates, Guides, etc.

Visual RoadMaps of your Supply Chain

Wikipedia - A roadmap is a strategic plan that defines a goal or desired outcome and includes the major steps or milestones needed to reach it. It also serves as a communication tool, a high-level document that helps articulate strategic thinking—the why—behind both the goal and the plan for getting there.

We help you build Visual RoadMaps of your Supply Chains 
-Create a Digital Model of your supply chain
-Document all the nodes/partners (suppliers, plants, distribution centers, customers)
-Depict all steps in the material, information, and dollar flows.
-Detail the four T’s, Timing, Touches, Transactions, and Throughput

We analyze each Supply Chain RoadMap.
-Perform a Value Stream Analysis of your supply chain
-Consistency of the material flow and range of variability. -Rhythm of the flow (daily, weekly, monthly)
-Where are the risks/bottlenecks/wait time
-How long is the Supply Chain - in days?

We work with you to relate your business goals and strategies for each RoadMap.
-SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Obstacles, and Threats) exercise.
-Perform a Value Stream Analysis of each RoadMap

Jointly, we develop an action plan.
 -Establishing objectives/goals
 -Identifying supply chain steps with risk and variability
 -Establish baseline data
 -Develop meaningful Metrics and measurement frequency
 -Create data acquisition and interface mechanisms

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ERP Systems

Many manufacturers are using Excel for Inventory management Order Entry Work, Order management, and Operations management.                                                                                              IMPACT
Today’s environment requires a single source of data shared by all users of any manufacturing, inventory, production system with timely update capabilities and access from multiple devices. This is difficult to achieve via Excel or other Spreadsheet-based solutions.
    Our ERP for Manufacturers includes a review of your major functions... Financial, Order Processing, Planning, Scheduling, Inventory, Sourcing, and Work order management.
   We also review your IT and Organizational infrastructure.
   Together, we develop a high-level set of “Key Differentiators”.
   We compile a list of potential ERP systems to evaluate.

    Alternately, Supply Chain Analytics may recommend an ERP system that in our best judgment fits your needs.

   We assess your ability to implement a major system like ERP, culturally ready for change, identify an internal champion, internal team support, SMEs.
   We create a high-level project plan, including timeline estimates.
   We provide an estimate of hardware, software, and implementation costs.

Together we develop a RoadMap to implement your ERP implementation including metrics to confirm ROI.

We deliver a workshop on our findings and review the project plan, and estimates.

Your machines talking to you.  Are you listening?

A significant amount of data is generated by sensors, automation, process controls, and machining centers.

Many manufacturers have not been able to identify, capture, and link data from the factory floor or the process level to their ERP systems. Developing a means of gathering and converting shop, factory, warehouse, logistics, and operational data into usable data may be beyond your resources and/or technical capability.

Currently, many updates to ERP are time-consuming, sometimes hand-written, or need entering by shop/warehouse operators for whom this is not a priority.  It is not timely because data entry requires several steps to get from the process/machine to the ERP.

You may want to become more data-driven, yet aren't sure how to get started.  Order-planning, scheduling, accounting, and real-time material consumption data allows you to maximize asset utilization and drive down costs associated with surplus inventory, long cycle-times, and late or missed deliveries or schedule changes.


*Identify which machines, controls, sensors produce data usable by ERP or other operations systems. 
*Determine the data type, data fields, communication protocol, for each machine, PLC, sensor.
*Analyze ERP transaction data tables, table structures, and interface points. 
*Prepare a RoadMap to implement our recommendations including metrics to confirm ROI. 

Additional Services

Inventory Management

Managing Inventory for many small to medium companies can be a constant headache. It’s a major investment and has a significant impact on overall performance and service. Problems can arise due to a lack of resources, skills, or systems.
   Poor customer service performance due to stock-outs.
   Old/obsolete stock (and warehouse getting clogged up).
   Higher than expected investment in inventory (stock).
   Low turnover inventory.
For example, Inventory turns should be between 8 and 20 per year.                                               OUR SERVICE
Our Inventory Management Assessment is designed to identify your major inventory issues, help you identify the root causes, and provide guidance and a RoadMap with metrics to monitor Inventory performance improvements. 
[ ] A review of forecasting and replenishment processes and systems.
[ ] A review of supplier reliability impact on inventory.
[ ] An ABC analysis to establish through-puts and criticality of products. [ ] A RoadMap to improve inventory performance including metrics to confirm ROI. 

Sourcing Management

Many Small to Medium Businesses struggle to manage their sourcing effectively. This can be due to a lack of resources, skills, or systems, but most importantly the rapid changes in market conditions.
If your sourcing activities are not performing well, it sets up your supply chain and business for failure. In most businesses, procurement can be up to 60% of the overall supply chain budget. The impact is not only on your costs but on service to your customers.
                                      SOURCING ASSESSMENT
We help you identify your major procurement issues and provide you with guidance and a RoadMap to improve performance. Our Sourcing Assessment is...
 An analysis of your Sourcing/Procurement/Receiving processes.
 A review of your supplier compliance criteria.
 A spend analysis to establish which suppliers should be your focus.
 An analysis to identify those suppliers not in compliance and/or needing improvement.
 Metrics to monitor Supplier performance.
 Recommendations for Supplier Certification program.
 A plan and RoadMap to implement our recommendations including metrics to confirm ROI.