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Smarter Sourcing

A recent Harvard Business Review survey shows lack of new and innovative systems, persistent ties to legacy systems, and rigid organizational silos go hand in hand to block companies’ ability to make effective use of digital technologies

If this describes your organization, we can help you…

  • Define a Smarter Sourcing Strategy

  • Create a digital supplier base and network

  • Align suppliers with Key Products/Customers

  • Develop sourcing rules based upon data analytics

  • Improve collaboration with your suppliers

Access the Harvard Business article here

At their core, enterprises must generate economic value by identifying and addressing their customers’ needs more efficiently and effectively than their customers can themselves. To thrive, they must also address those needs better than their competitors do. And to succeed in serving customers, besting the competition, and achieving growth and profitability objectives, companies ultimately must rely on a group of critical collaborators: their suppliers and vendors.

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