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Companies spend on the average 11% of sales on logistics, inventory and transportation costs.  Smaller companies spend a higher percentage.  Thanks to Amazon, UPS, Fedex, Walmart, and Target the expectation of next day deliver will cause your logistics expenses to rise. 

Improve Visibility and Overall Logistics Planning

  • Develop a digital network of outbound and inbound logistics partners.
    Monitor the network in real-time. global carrier network for unprecedented insights into shipping and other logistics operations in real-time. Get instant alerts, widespread logistics performance data, and more visibility across the supply chain.


  • Develop "Delivery Rules" for your top 20% of customers and "Sourcing Rules" for your top 20% of suppliers using your "digital logistic network" and "standard scenarios" 


  • Automate routine tasks. Freight invoicing, shipment booking, coordination of delivery times, PO to Invoice matching, and other time-consuming manual administrative tasks can be automated. This saves time, follows standard procedures, and is stored in a digital form so all those authorized have easy access to the data.


  • Track and trace all shipments and transactions to comply with increased security, regulation and avoid costly data retrieval exercises.

Our seasoned team can work with you to develop and implement strategies to accomplish each of the above.

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